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Sailing Greece, Sailing Holidays Greece

Sailing holidays in Greece, sailing trips and sailing cruises with a unique and advanced attitude. Sailing holidays in Greece and the Greek islands.

In partnership with Finest Luxury Yachts, we offer sailing trips and sailing cruises with a unique and advanced sailing attitude.

With the longest coastline in the Mediterranean Sea, with 6000 islands, Greece offers infinite opportunities to people who love sea traveling. The best sailing in Greece from a different perspective. An experience you have never imagined.

Whether you prefer to explore with a sailboat or a luxury yacht it is entirely up to you. All options are available and you only need to decide which region you want to discover first.

Sailing Holidays in Greece (weekly itineraries)

Sailing holidays in Cyclades islands

Sailing holidays in Saronic Golf

Sailing holidays in Peloponnese

Sailing holidays in Ionian islands

Sailing holidays in Crete & Rhodes

Sailing holidays in the Dodecanese

Sailing holidays Greece (custom itinerary)

Sailing holidays in Greece with 5-star hotel accommodation

From 3-5 days trip to the southeast, finally reaching isolated "tropical" islands, to the famous Santorini and cosmopolitan Mykonos island, to Ionian islands, to cruises to the traditional fishing islands of Kassos and Karpathos and any other greek island you wish. Every island is a new world to discover. Get ready to find your own paradise under the sun in Greece!

On all Greek Islands: Attractions, Leisure Activities, Sports & Adventure Activities. From everything to anything you can imagine!

Have our travel experts make a unique itinerary according to your tastes!